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May 18

Knife Rights

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On the front lines of your firearms rights stands the NRA, the SAF, and the GOA, but who stands in the gap for your right to carry a knife?  Knives are the most fundamental tool to survival that man has ever wielded.  Whether is be in the form of a flint knapped stone strapped to a stick and used to loosen the ground for planting seed or a honed length of metal for the purpose of self defense and hunting, the sharpened edge as a tool has been around forever.  And just like our firearms rights where oposition comes from the ill-informed reactionism, the affront to your right to bear knives (which are a form of arms according to Black's Law Dictionary) is no less pervasive.  Well in that gap stands an organization named "Knife Rights" of which I am a member.  I fully support the work of this organization and I hope that you will do the same because they are standing up for our rights to possess and bear knives!  Join today!

Category: (05) May 2013   Tag: NRA, SAF, GOA, Knife Rights, Law

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