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floor industry is full of wonderful

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 10:07 PM

<p>Floor as an important branch of the home industry, in this "troubled times", the floor industry to do what changes? How's the effect? In the first half of the floor industry is full of wonderful, <a href="">timber ceiling panel supplier singapore</a>or helpless? In the first half of 2012, the market experience, the face of mixed market environment, not afraid of hardships and hardships, so there are many examples of contrarian and the example of the situation, the " Stand out,[url= ]Environmentally friendly pergola[/url] look at the reasons for its contrarian, the reporter found that this seemingly flat half of the time hidden in the search for too many "outbreak" in which. The market showed a high-end and low-end consumer groups, "dumbbell state" phenomenon, in this bipolar extension of the case, how enterprises "keep awake" is essential. </p>
<p>Poles extended to the white-hot of the first batch of the market to promote the military to solid wood flooring "focus on the outbreak" led, vigorously promote the development of the flooring market,<a href="">Wood Plastic Outdoor Patio Pavilion</a> and become the first half of 2012 floor industry leader. Enterprise diversification of the development of traditional outbreak: in this year's polarization is more obvious in the market environment, and vigorously promote the solid wood flooring business more and more,[url= ]Replacement Your Marine Boat Decking[/url] these enterprises in their own original brand influence, vigorously launched solid wood products focus Research and development to respond to changes in the market environment, and in the first half achieved good results. </p>
<p>Successful militia: in the face of the harsh situation,<a href="">high stability dubai pvc decking</a> a breakthrough in the road of self-innovation to become the industry to compete for the goal, good change is certainly one of the elements of development, but how to determine whether this change is suitable for the enterprise itself, this is the title In the dilemma. Upgrade the force to send: to promote health concepts, the production of environmentally friendly board floor, the high-end market will be introduced into another vivid luxury life, but also to provide consumers with more choices.[url=]composite wood safe garden beds[/url] Horizontal retrogradism: these enterprises return to the "trend" and the line, vigorously proceed to carry out the development of traditional advantages of the project, and aims to improve their own differentiation, in the horizontal development to produce beautiful transcripts. </p>

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