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China Wood Flow Association

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 6:15 AM

<p>2010, Jusheng floor will be the only one "China solid wood flooring ace" title in the bag, and our interview from this honor. Li Shuihua said: "Jusheng in August 2010 in the central flooring industry,[url= ]Outdoor Furniture Composite Pergola[/url] China Wood Flow Association, China Wood Flooring Flow Association, won the Chinese wood flooring industry in the top honor. This title is not a single assessment , But through a number of experts from the quality, reputation,<a href="">Green High-Tech Material Wood Plastic Composite</a> social survey after a comprehensive assessment of many aspects of the final, we numbered 00001! This is the consumer recognition of us. "Shuffle has not yet come this year the market is still worth" Optimistic about the "spread of the industry.</p>
<p> said the reshuffle, Lee always in the interview does not agree, he said: "In recent years, with the development of the flooring industry, constantly changing,[url= ]How to Build the Best Vinyl Fencing[/url] it was said that the floor has been to the time of shuffling In particular, this year, with the intensification of real estate regulation and control, many people in the industry are not very optimistic about the building materials industry, but I am still very confident that our annual increase in 2010 than in 2009 increased by 10%; we signed with the headquarters this year Contract,<a href="">The Basics of PVC Composite Flooring</a> on the basis of last year by 20%. "R & D into the brand development" killer "Jusheng floor in the market well-known products undoubtedly" slender jade " Column.</p>
<p> Xiao Bian in the interview process found that long Sheng floor has launched a number of distinctive new products, product appearance, performance has been no small change.[url= ]Synthetic Teak Marine Decking[/url] "We are currently offering a lot of colors, including the more popular oak series in the industry, and this series is also the most suitable for young people's solid wood flooring products, stable performance, color is also very attractive.<a href="">Select Outdoor Pergola Material</a>In addition, the official launch of the simple wood Series, mainly in the face of high-end consumer groups, the stability of this material is very good, and we use the material to make this high-end color to meet our consumer demand for high-end consumers. Many consumers are aware of the long-sheng floor advertising and marketing activities are the industry's least</p>

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