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Elephant conservation officers to carry out pouring of protective action

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 9:24 PM

Recently, Xiangshan County Highway Management Section organized more than 20 workers to 52 kilometers of the west line as S311, S215 Sheng Ning line, S216 Mao stone lines pouring cement pavement centralized to ensure traffic trunk road surface stability.[url=]Pavement Repair Equipments - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers[/url]
According to reports, pouring for Pavement Crack Diseases a preventive conservation measures in order to improve the quality of maintenance, at present, Elephant Conservation Center road segment using the new irrigation sewing machine perform the job.Job by clearing the way for the first stitch sewing machine and then manually clean clean up, and finally with irrigation sewing machine dedicated roads pouring glue pouring into the cracks. This method can block infiltration of surface drainage embankment to protect the strength of subgrade, can withstand normal loads from the road, to extend the life of the road, and that is, repair and go, do not affect traffic.The pouring of protective work will be completed in mid-October this year,
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