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ultraviolet aging, cracking

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 12:01 AM

<p>put a basin of water on the heating, also can use humidifier humidification.Avoid sun exposure, in order to avoid the surface paint for a long time under the irradiation of ultraviolet aging, cracking in advance.Local board face stained smear should keep clear of in time carelessly.If there is oil pollution, usable dishcloth dips in water with a small amount of detergent scrub.If drugs or paint, must be in smear </p>
<p>try to keep clear of before infiltration, such as at the end of the wooden surface.The floor to avoid contact with water for a long time, especially can not contact with hot water, once has the hot water on the floor, to dry in a timely manner.Best once every three months wax, wax before you would have a stain on the surface of the floor is clean, wax regularly, can maintain the smooth finish of the floor, prolong the </p>
<p>service life of the floor.Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, don't put on the floor is too hot, try to avoid dragging a heavy furniture.Good floor needs a good maintenance, it's like a car needs good maintenance is the same reason.All floor must be installed after 48 hours before the formal use, such as placing furniture, clean up the ground, and so on.Recommended for floor in all 48 hours after the </p>
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