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High-quality products

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 6:20 PM

<p> As a result of the economic environment and some other factors, in general, the floor market spending power has been affected, but the relative impact of high-end market is relatively small, <a href="">The Basic of Building Your Fence</a>which is Jiusheng floor "American flavor" brand upgrade a major reason. At the same time long Sheng also through the original ecological series, geothermal flooring series of classification promotion, trying to cover every consumer layer.[url= ]Supplier of Synthetic Teak Boat Decking[/url] Innovative model for market share This year's market, the number of promotional activities much more than in previous years, each enterprise are snatching limited market share.</p>
<p>The traditional store sales are also facing a huge test, "sit back and wait" type of marketing model, in today's market conditions, there is no prospect at all.<a href="">Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence</a> And a variety of activities, but also lead to consumer fatigue, the attraction is not as good as in previous years. Jusheng floor has been constantly exploring new marketing model. In many models, the group buy is a more advantageous way. Whether it is factory buy or good, or regional buy Ye Hao, long Sheng floor have done for many years, especially in 2012 to do more,[url= ]Outdoor Porch Wood Plastic Composite Railing[/url] profit margins are relatively larger, size, screening, sales are hit a record high. High-quality products, affordable prices, is to attract consumers the biggest weapon.</p>
<p>In the Chinese flooring consumer market, almost all of the floor brands because of the German descent and high prices Wang City,<a href="">Green Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking</a> most of the consumers because they are not familiar with the floor and blindly follow. Therefore, today's China flooring industry is facing the problem is that most companies on the one hand stressed that their Made in Germany has a near or far relationship, on the other hand is constantly expanding manufacturing capacity, and completely ignored the product development and technology Innovation,[url= ]High Quality WPC Material Fencing[/url] resulting in the lack of core competitiveness of enterprises, the world's flooring brand manufacturing plant.</p>

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