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Furniture prices and prices Qi down

Posted by: on 4/9/2017 7:40 PM

<P>Determined to pass the classical furniture, meticulously to restore every detail, this spirit is precious, but requires a lot of time and financial support, and limited to high-end consumer market. For more mahogany furniture business, how to add to the traditional mahogany furniture, younger labels,[url=]buy outdoor chair in spain[/url] making it easier for young people to accept, is the most need to consider the issue. During the exhibition and forum, a number of mahogany furniture companies at the helm who come to share their experience in product innovation.[url=]beach portable chair[/url]
<P>Into the Zhejiang Dongyang famous brand Zhuo Mu Wang's exhibition hall, people have a refreshing feeling. Zhuo Mu Wang exhibited the latest series, in the design completely subvert the traditional, such as the surface of the seat coupled with leather and even rattan seats, with the Soviet Union for the unique and elegant furnishings, swept the mahogany furniture to bring people's sat, dull impression, Both simple and comfortable,[url=]stainless steel food processing table[/url] reveals a fashion Fan children. "We do not sell materials, we sell technology, selling style, a lot of time unless consumers ask us, otherwise we do not say this is mahogany." Zhuo Mu Wang, general manager of Du Changjiang told the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters.</P>
<P>Zhuo wood king in the shape of the young people like the practice of innovation, the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry Deputy Director Lu Bin sure, "the design to meet the aesthetic needs of young people now, otherwise it will control the whole The development of the industry. Bulky is not necessarily good, simple can also be beautiful. Too Xing furniture chairman Li Xingchang is bluntly: "the traditional mahogany to improve the new Chinese mahogany, is a piece of fat."</P>
<P>In addition to modeling, mahogany furniture in the traditional production process of the most essence of the tenon technology, in the "innovation" is also seen as the eyes of the times with the times. Lu Bin said: "For the traditional process, such as tenon structure, we can inherit, but also can use biological glue such advanced glue and splicing technology, both in line with environmental standards, but also reduce costs and process difficulty." Wu Xinglong Director Long Wu Bingliang will be "easy to use" as the principle of furniture design, "our furniture must be in accordance with the size of people living room space to locate,[url=]cherbourg stainless steel dining room furniture[/url] in the design according to the human body radians, sitting comfort to consider, how high Deep to make reasonable adjustments. "</P>

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