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after the autumn, the weather

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 2:48 AM

<p>especially the floor of the shop is in the kitchen, daily cleaning and maintenance is the key.1, carefully clean the floor must be every day to clean, can use soft dry cloth or vacuum cleaner clean the dust and stains on the ground.2, often wax wax to protect the well-known floor need maintenance, the kitchen floor wax more the need for maintenance.Was carried out on the floor once a month of waxing, carefully </p>
<p>protect the floor, make the kitchen floor is more durable.3, stubborn stains immediately deal with the most annoying stain inside the kitchen is oily be soiled, meets the difficult to remove oily be soiled, need to use special scouring oil and soft cloth to wipe, if such stubborn stain is oily be soiled, can use neutral detergent solution to clean up first, reoccupy dry soft cloth to wipe clean.Editing comments: wet, although </p>
<p>the kitchen lampblack, but as long as the floor quality, can be installed as wood floor in the kitchen.Maintenance on the kitchen floor of wood of choose and buy laid the complete knowledge, have Shared out of small make up.If you need to learn more about the kitchen floor of wood of knowledge, please continue to focus on house decoration network.Real wood floor, the family when the ground is </p>
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