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the floor of 4 identical

Posted by: on 4/9/2017 7:44 PM

The price wants relatively a few more expensive, a step there are two types of cork floor: one is 4.5mm and 6mm stick-on type, and the other is 12mm and 15mm suspension, the price is around 300 yuan.
How to choose a cork floor, Look at the floor sanding surface is very smooth, there is no convex particles, cork grain is pure, this initial step is the selection of cork floor is also very crucial step.Two, to see whether the length of the side of cork floor straight, the method is: take the floor of 4 identical pieces, spread on glass or less flat on the ground, after assembled to see whether the seam.
The bending strength of the test surface, its approach is to floor closure of two diagonal, to see whether the cracks of its curved surface, no crack is of good quality.IV. The test of bonding strength.
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