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help keep the floor shine

Posted by: on 4/9/2017 9:38 AM

<p>and soap water, solid mu fu joins a floor board can be once every three months wax, to help keep the floor shine.4, ground clean a few big fear no matter what material of the floor, floor cleaning must pay attention to the use of soft materials, hard brush will faster loss protective layer on the surface of the floor, at the same time, alkaline or cannot be used when wiping the floor has a certain corrosive cleaner, so </p>
<p>as to avoid irreversible effects for the floor.Part2: the humid weather in summer Against humidity method is the most prominent feature of a large summer is abundant rain and damp climate, the maintenance of wooden floor in the summer, &quot;moistureproof&quot; has also become a have to focus on topic.Against humidity and needs not only the maintenance of appropriate tips can also help we wasted effort.1, pay </p>
<p>attention to the window of door of door window ventilation ventilation is an effective method of dispersed indoor humidity in time, when the sun is appropriate to open the door and window ventilation, to help the air circulation and the loss of moisture, is one of the most basic methods in the floor maintenance.Wax wax care for floor 2, frequently is a indispensable maintenance steps, generally speaking, the </p>
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