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Mahogany business how to do business

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 10:36 PM

<P>In the context of macroeconomic downturn and the downturn in the property market, furniture manufacturers close to the real estate from time to time came the sound of closed doors. From last year's dismay in the mahogany furniture business did not do so to do better 2015. "Hard last year,[url=]waterproof chairs wholesale in florida[/url] this year is more difficult" has become a mahogany furniture industry common feelings. The face of domestic orders plummeted, the loss of the face of the growing dilemma, mahogany furniture enterprises in order to increase the reshuffle environment for long-term development, strict control of costs is an inevitable choice.</P>
<P>Most of the furniture, from the manufacturers to the consumer, will always experience "manufacturers - dealers - stores - consumers" link, and this process is accompanied by rising furniture prices. But after the promotion, buy the first name of the discount,[url=]customized garden daybed[/url] the final transaction price is often only half of the price or even lower. "Furniture industry profits era has long been over, consumers are more rational than a decade ago and smart, buy a sofa at least 3 to 5 brands, with the grade of the price war between the brand makes the final sales of products significantly Shrink ", a lot of furniture companies to reporters, and now the furniture business to reduce the gross margin to only one percent.</P>
<P>In particular, the adjustment period since 2014, most of the furniture industry finished product inventory is still very serious. Furniture enterprises in order to maintain business,[url=]breakfast bar sets usa supplier[/url] have callback furniture prices, and most of these furniture is the high price of the procurement. Deduct the labor, materials, shop rents and other rising costs year after year, business margins fell to a new low.</P>

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