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continue to maintain rapid growth

Posted by: on 4/28/2017 2:26 AM

and the real estate market growth rate may have Slow down, which means that the city's housing prices may increase the increase. As a result of this year, corporate retirees pension and institutional subsidies to increase the standard, will further enhance the income of residents, cars, jewelry and other high-end consumer market,
the main target population spending power will be improved, the overall Sales situation optimistic. Car sales are expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace, but the overall growth rate will slow over last year due to fuel price volatility and last year's auto sales base. In addition, in this year's better income expectations and wedding consumption
and other factors under the influence of gold jewelry consumption will continue to maintain rapid growth. Aspect of the two home appliance market demand steady rise in household appliances, communications products and textile and apparel consumer demand will remain steady upward momentum. In the income level,
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