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center of the floor

Posted by: on 4/9/2017 9:41 PM

Consumers can according to the white paper, objective, scientifically determine its own selection. A few days ago, there was good news from higher headquarters, The business area of 300 square meters(m2), Beijing is currently the largest professional exhibition center of the floor "that blue Jing Lijia high European quality has been the official inauguration of the exhibition center of the floor".
This means that, The best building materials market in China has the best entrance floor window "image", At the same time also shows that the floor to pure import high-end products for the location of high European boutique established himself as "the champion in the floor, the floor in the China market" status.
It is understood that, "High European quality exhibition center of the floor level" all brands of all the European leaders brand and its products from Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Germany and other developed countries.
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