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Pavement Disease mechanization conservation programs

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 3:26 AM

Before Disease Treatment to conduct field investigations of disease. Then depending on the type of disease, size, ease of construction, traffic flow to determine the optimal size of Treatment programs to ensure maintenance work quickly, efficiently and safely.
1.Single radical longitudinal or transverse cracks
Usually in the winter pouring process.Construction process: push the gun with one hand after blowing compressed air heating cracks, crevices which can either be blown clean of debris, but also heating asphalt concrete joints on both sides, and then the asphalt sealing machine gun on already heating and melting asphalt people filling the cracks, and finally sprinkle excess or misuse of the outer seam of asphalt can be cleaned.
2.Local chapped, pit, a small area of subsidence repair
May be referred to as "small pothole repair", the mechanical configurations are: cutting machine, milling machine, asphalt distributor, Maintenance vehicles, walk-behind rollers, rubber tire light wheel roller. Construction process: cut with a cutting machine repair range; with a milling machine (or artificial) the disease road excavation, to ensure that the damaged mixes are clean, Bottom achieve solid surface; sprinkle in the pit permeable fabric layer of oil, the groove wall to be painted a new asphalt; an integrated maintenance vehicle (or artificial) will pave the mix covered pits; rubber tire light wheel roller (Walk-Behind rollers) RCC mix new shop until the rolling dense mix of old and new combined with tight, seamless. An integrated maintenance vehicle repair pavement, it is not cutting edge, do not remove the damaged pavement, but the damage to the road surface at high temperature heating, spread it with new material to come together and then roller compacted performed.
3.Large cracks and subsidence, serious rut, culvert bridge jumping, falling or partial deck pavement renovation
Treatment of these diseases can be listed person "special project", the construction project required specialized organizations. The mechanical configuration is: cutting machine, milling machine, asphalt spreaders, dump truck, asphalt mixing machine, paver, rubber tire light wheel roller, marking vehicle. "Special project" mechanized care before its construction to some disease is not entirely caused by the reasons for the early Treatment road, such as:
��seriously damaged large areas of pavement, to investigate the grassroots, the grassroots found seriously damaged, you should perform a thorough process, a small area of available bitumen macadam or coarse asphalt concrete fill, we need to redo large areas of cement gravel grass roots��
��A large area of severe subsidence, to investigate the causes of subsidence, in the case of subgrade uneven subsidence or slip, should be firmly on the roadbed treatment. For example, can be carried out after the quick cement mortar grouting pile, then wait roadbed stability, subsidence over 15.M do cement macadam base, more than 10cm of subsidence asphalt or gravel Coarse asphalt concrete filled.
��For bridge deck cracking off, To End milling asphalt pavement on the bridge careful examination, the elimination of standing water and impurities off the deck on the bridge for the more serious damage to the site to be reinforced concrete
4.Highway maintenance construction
This means that when the highway after it reaches its full cycle services designed to restore the state of construction, such as the renovation of the entire section of the road. Overlay entire section of the road. It can refer to the highway pavement construction method, described here not long on.
5.��Special project" Construction Technology of Mechanized Conservation
��Special project" Repairing general disease process larger, more complex construction process cumbersome, the degree of mechanization is higher. Pavement Disease Treatment It is more commonly used, there are certain technical content of the construction method, the following as specifically addressed.[url=]Road Repair Equipments - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers[/url]
6.Construction process
��Construction Organization Technology
Before construction began on the road to disease segment, station, road elevation, width, disease range, turning radius, ultra-wide, Longitudinal cross slope, pavement, asphalt concrete gradation, origin of raw materials and model specifications for a comprehensive Learn and detailed records and must be strictly in accordance with these data to guide the construction[url=]Pavement Repair Equipments - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers[/url]
��Mutual pavement milling
Road milling comprising: before measuring pavement planing, cutting trimming. Milling machine milling, waste transport, planing corners, as residue cleaning, spraying emulsified asphalt.
��Milling machine milling.
Based milling area and milling depth engineering and technical personnel provided by the milling cutter along the direction of travel by land. Generally milling depth (ie the minimum thickness of the pavement structure) is 3-4cm, but if there are loose pits or reservoirs of water, you should increase the milling depth, until thoroughly exposed solid bottom up. But not required for the milling of pavement overlay, milling confidential in the process of moving back and forth in their nap, napping trace depth of 3-5mm.
��Waste transportation.
When milling machine milling, the waste through the transmission belt mix loaded on transport vehicles, transported to the fixed storage locations
��Planing corners
clear as residue. An integrated maintenance vehicle (pick hydraulic or manual) will Planer person (mention) with cutter knife bevel cut a small part of the residual pavement sutural removed, and then manually pit within the residual debris cleaned.Spraying emulsified asphalt. With asphalt distributor emulsified bitumen spraying in the groove and the groove side of the interface, the 2-3h after breaking emulsified asphalt, paving operation can be carried out.
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