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make the power that grasp

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 4:02 AM

<p>better use wooden less essential oil and solid wax.Some inferior oil spray after the floor surface, can penetrate the floor of the gap between, although increased the brightness, but will go up crunching ring, effect instead.And after spraying oil touchs dirt floor once, it is difficult to deal with.To the antifouling often dust removal is the best protection for the floor materials.Because the particles on the ground </p>
<p>formation damage easily, but also easy to let the ground sliding.At ordinary times with a broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, try not to use all kinds of cleaner.Often trampled place and aspiration.Special attention should be paid to the hall and leads to the corridor outside.In addition to prevent the dust into the room, can be placed in the introduction dust mat, or at the bottom of the door </p>
<p>with dust.Real wood floor maintain on time do want to avoid the sun's rays is point-blank, woodiness material met the sun's rays is point-blank easy deformation.In the first quarter of real wood floor maintain, the available with hood light agent.Hood light agent when usable wool cloth dips in half wet, from the corner of the floor to the other side slowly uniform inunction, brush back and forth two times.The floor is </p>
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