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maintain the original color

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 2:53 AM

<p>long cypress resin and natural trees, deployment of essential oils, have deep moist, prevent craze, such as minor lacerations repair effect, therefore, it is also some sellers will recommend using essential oils to consumers do wood floor maintenance.Second, the essence of life is not necessarily better than wax in some market sales staff can claim to consumer, essential oil was first used in the wooden antique, </p>
<p>carvings, annatto furniture and other products, due to the extracted from plants, easily penetrate into the solid wood products have the effect of moist, prevent weather-shack.Third, the effect of essential oil is better than wax?, first of all, we have to clear compound wood floor is certainly not, suppression of compound wood floor, with essential oil once sink in damaged the internal structure, it is bad;And with a </p>
<p>high density of annatto furniture of real wood floor paint is different, the real wood floor is available in the market for the most part with a thin layer of lacquer to protect surface wear-resisting, oil is not easy to through the infiltration of paint wooden floor should be, and if can through, and at least take a long time, it is difficult to ensure that essential oils will not seized in the wood floor USES.Once failed to </p>
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