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deciding broad measure

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 10:16 PM

(Loose: of 6) fallen leaves? Dash forward Ф calamity persimmon? of lofty of Mie of health bursa  and all above of diameter requirement 36CM gift is nice. And stock is bigger, the price has below relatively trend. 3, plank circumstance This Zhou Erlian port expects to plank, mouth, board square in all 205 cars, alexandrine Zhou Xiangbi reduces 52 cars, plank wants to consignor with camphor tree child makings of release what is held is given priority to, length 3M, 4M, board also just have partial 4/6 rice for plank of 4M, 6M;

more 36 board, all sorts of deciding broad measure. 4, later period market forecasts reach market of proposal later period to forecast: As a result of world economic situation and development of Chinese economic situation foreground is compared fatigued and weak, the foreground of lumber market nots allow likewise hopeful. From at present market demand looks, short-term inside substantially ascendant possibility is not large. At present so this kind of prices still will persist very long period of time.

Proposal, 2 deliver goods even port ordinal: (Plank of fir of 1) specific cloud; (2) fir all diameter 25cm above; (4) dragon spruce all diameter 22-24cm; (5)) dragon spruce all diameter 35cm above. Group of 10 thousand bitter fleabane " Chinese spirit " log of 10000 more than stere goes to lumber boat harbor On December 2, 2016, boat of lumber of group of 10 thousand bitter fleabane " Chinese spirit " dock of port office of berth Zhang Jia, this lumber boat lades African bare a few log 10000 more than stere, among them main breed has the wood such as Aoguman. "[url=]low lying picket fence United Kingdom[/url],[url=]outside wood composite siding[/url],[url=]anti-cracking fencing and gates[/url],[url=]kerala ceiling materials[/url]"

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