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respect to lumber commerce

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 9:14 PM

Province and United States with respect to lumber commerce problem or produce trade controversial issue, but relevant personage still still is held to the commerce between two countries value a manner. B.C. Save susan of forestry association chairman? Yaokeweiji (Susan Yurkovich) says: "Economy of developing United States still needs the lumber that I save. Housing still is the main component that American economy restores continuously.

" Mai Dezhuang expresses, although trade issue will be right B.C. The economic progress of province and Canada produces an effect, but also can damage thousand the about a hundred 10 thousand United States peoples that rely on lumber commerce to fend, they or will because this is unemployed. Will integratedly look, american respect still needs the support of Canadian lumber commerce. Relevant personage also states Canadian lumber develops to still need American this one huge market.

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