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Mahogany furniture market downturn who will be shuffled out?

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 3:43 AM

<P>Recently, the Mayor of Meizhou City, Fujian Province, Weng Yuyao lead the city directly to the head of the relevant departments to Xianyou research mahogany furniture industry transformation and upgrading, coordination to solve specific problems. Weng Yuyao has come to tribute tribute,[url=]bahrain porch furniture stores[/url] Sanfu, Lu Yi and other classical furniture factory workshop field research, to listen to business reports, understanding of mahogany furniture production process, product development, production and business conditions and difficulties, and business leaders to discuss Suggestions on the Upgrading and Upgrading of the Redwood Furniture Industry.</P>
<P>In the research, Weng Yuyao pointed out that Meizhou City mahogany furniture industry development basis is good, great potential, but the face of economic downward pressure, the government should guide enterprises to adapt to the market's new normal, and guide enterprises to actively participate in the transformation and upgrading of mahogany furniture industry, the introduction of support policies Promote the healthy development of mahogany furniture industry.</P>
<P>According to reports, Meizhou City will further innovation and development ideas, increase research and development efforts, the choice of new wood species, the development of new products,[url=]chaise lounge for outdoors[/url] expand new areas; to strengthen quality management, the establishment of industry alliance quality standard system to achieve production standardization and standardization; Enterprises to update equipment, technological transformation, reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.</P>
<P>To innovate the marketing model, relying on e-commerce platform, joined the chain and other forms of broadening sales, enhance market share,[url=]lightweight portable chairs producers[/url] and further started the "fairy" brand, enhance the industry influence. To innovate financial services, through the establishment of government, industry associations and enterprise groups, "pool of funds", to promote the bank to increase the credit for enterprises to learn, to help enterprises reduce financing costs. To improve the service mechanism, do a good job preferential policies for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to provide a good environment.</P>

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