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wood floor

Posted by: on 4/7/2017 3:07 AM

"5 bad board" six big camouflage, head of the country man-made board examination center said, for the vast number of consumers, identification of true and false aggrandizement wood floor was really hard. Is in the center of the inspection appraisal, also need 15 days or so.
And "5 bad board" is a few months after installation commonly, just meet be faulty, consumers often cannot have found agency, has the very big hidden.
Main show is: 1. To cut corners by jerry compression to reduce the production cost price. 2. The plaster from fake certificate, certificate of inspection report, such as cheating consumers. 3. Easy to let the art appearance to simulate brand products manufacturing, and even directly imposter famous brand product, brand, certificate, test report and so on, become a veritable "phoney board".
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