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there is a similar purpose

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 7:53 PM

<p>The property market downturn, the economic downturn, the market spending power decline, the 2012 floor industry early into the winter, warmer period is not clear.[url= ]WPC Pergola Environmental Friendly Materials[/url] Faced with the same market, the face of the same problem, each enterprise is to take the appropriate countermeasures. Behind every different strategy, there is a similar purpose, that is, in the downturn of the market,<a href="">Main Features of WPC Wall Panel</a> survival and development. Deep plowing channel solid sales network channel for the king of the floor industry, the face of the market downturn, the strategy began to appear some turn.</p>
<p>store expansion slowed down, the new store requirements continue to improve, the consolidation of existing channels gradually strengthened. Jusheng floor in 2012 the overall strategy is also emphasis on the deep plowing of the channel,[url= ]Cheap Price Outdoor Garden Flooring[/url] not as expansion of stores as in previous years, more than 1,000 brand stores have a considerable size of the layout. Channel this year, the focus of the work has been placed on the existing stores to adjust and strengthen, <a href="">WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Advantages</a>so as to achieve better performance, stability of the existing sales network, in the development of high-quality new stores at the same time also eliminated a number of substandard stores.</p>
<p>In the winter market situation, "maintenance stability" is the first. Segmentation of products to meet the personality of the consumer market segmentation is a trend in the personalized consumption intensified today, the differences in customer demand is more prominent. Many companies under the sub-brand, more and more product lines,<a href="">Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats</a> for different consumer demand, the introduction of different styles and characteristics of the product, as far as possible to occupy the market to meet the "target consumer group" needs. American flavor is a long Sheng floor over the years a flagship product line, in 2012 officially upgraded to sub-brand.[url= ]Outdoor Patio Wood Plastic Floor[/url] It is a brand that is tailored for the high-end flooring market.</p>

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