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has function of dehumidification

Posted by: on 4/7/2017 12:50 AM

<p>home furniture is more, it is best to some nails, can more insurance role.4: leveling, polishing to wax the floor is not a simple and everyone can do of matter, the wax must not be called the &quot;flower&quot;, here called the &quot;flower&quot; is to make out of wax fuzzy, wax liquid depth uneven, etc.At this time, can only ask the professional cleaning company with a dedicated on the wax wax water, first off, through static wax again </p>
<p>after processing.Wax generally fall into two kinds: one kind is liquid wax;The other is a solid wax, commonly used in people life is liquid wax, for consumers is both economical and reality.Manual polishing effect is best, wax liquid can rapidly in hand under the action of force, are fully absorb the floor, so as to achieve the best effect.Wood floor USES the manual polishing effect is more apparent, bright </p>
<p>beautiful, lifelike.Part2: suspension laying process Aggrandizement floor shop is suspended floor opportunely each have 676 points, the floor surface from the ground 1.3 cm high, the bearing weight of per square meter for 10 to 15 tons, compared with the movement floor general compression performance is good, can move, no water, not cracking, basic does not need to after-sales service, is the most </p>
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