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Home environment of the three major sources of formaldehyde

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 1:16 AM

<P>With the increase in the price of traditional mahogany wood and the reduction in supply, some of the mahogany materials that were not taken seriously before were valued by the market. Such as Burmese pear (large fruit red sandalwood), African pear (hedgehog rosewood), purple sandalwood (East Africa black Dalbergia),[url=]hanging dryer supplier[/url] Austrian Dalbergia and other affordable wood made of furniture popular, become the new darling of market retail. Compared with the deep color of Laos red foliage, Myanmar pear, African pear and other wood color is subdued, soft wood, in line with the aesthetic and taste of young people, and gradually become mahogany furniture market mainstream varieties.[url=]lounge chairs uppliers[/url]
<P>Reporters recently visited more and more mahogany market and other mahogany market found that many high-end mahogany furniture brand products to Myanmar pear, African pear, purple sandalwood, etc., a Zhongshan mahogany brand owner told reporters: "purple sand Tan two years Popular, raw materials,[url=]professional durable folding arm chair[/url] furniture prices have been rising. "In the more and mahogany another store, Purchasing Guide said the store all the furniture for the Austrian Dalbergia. She said: "Austrian Dalbergia and red foliage in the national standard belong to the same class, color, pattern similarities, but the price is only one - fifth, relatively more affordable, buy a lot of people.</P>
<p>Reporters visited the market found that a set of large fruit red sandalwood sofa six sets of folding price of about 70,000 yuan, a pair of large fruit rosewood Bogut rack price of about 40,000 yuan. Yong Bo Church mahogany market director Hu Yuanqin told reporters, "Myanmar pears now sell very good,[url=]patio rattan furniture square table chair for outdoor[/url] African pear is also very popular, natural wood color full color, slightly fresh, this furniture can be bought back with Chinese style decoration, but also with Modern minimalist style of decorative materials, very much in line with the current 30 to 40-year-old youth group aesthetic is still good yet.</p>

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