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Nankang furniture industry transformation and upgrading, "turn" a new world

Posted by: on 4/8/2017 4:12 AM

<P>April 5 early in the morning, the reporter came to the eastern industrial park in the city of Nantong Erxin Wood Co., Ltd., saw the driver drove a forklift will be a bag of kitchen cabinets into the Yangshan Port container. "After the Spring Festival trial production a few days, the US customers on the next 20 million US dollars orders, trial production into production, the daily export of two containers." Project Director Zhang Xiaoxing said. Woodworking workshop,[url=]wall mounted wooden drying rack[/url] cutting machine, sanding machine, polishing machine full load operation, wood semi-finished products through a road craft uncompromising attention, into a cabinet door, cabinet, into the spray shop on the water-based paint background, Once again sent 40 meters long UV coating line, automatic spraying, curing, drying, a few minutes later, a qualified finished product. "UV paint to replace the paint, the workshop did not taste a little, not only environmental protection, spraying the remaining part of the automatic recycling cycle." Operators Wu Chengkang told reporters.</P>
<P>Erxin Wood originally produced in Shanghai, why went to Rugao it? This is an idle plant "Chi for" furniture industry cluster story. Once to Shanghai investment, Rugao Industrial Park heard Erxin wood industry to expand production capacity is no land and plant floor to worry about. Merchants immediately took out the area of &#8203;&#8203;idle plant information book, both hit it off,[url=]lawn canvas folding chairs for sale in usa[/url] a total investment of 500 million yuan of high-quality furniture settled in Rugao.</P>
<P>"We rent the plant side of the production, Rugao Industrial Park side to help run the project approval, access to indicators and all other procedures, in particular, tolerance approval, to help us save the valuable construction period of 3 months in November 2015, a 83000 square Rice factory started construction, let us unexpected is that before the Spring Festival equipment commissioning the end of the installation, the park to help us recruitment, after the holiday began to produce. "Zhang Xiaoxing said. It is understood that the second production line is about to install debugging, the second half of the production.Erxin Wood Phase II investment of 220 million yuan project has not yet launched,[url=]recliner garden chair for the elderly[/url] from the United States Colombia, Japan Sumitomo, IKEA Sweden and other well-known international home enterprises also followed, has introduced office furniture, sporting goods, etc. 5 billion project , A billions of furniture industry chain chain is about to rise in the Rugao Industrial Park.</P>

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