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"Ride down" affect the furniture change

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 6:42 PM

<P>From the ancient stone furniture to the emergence of mahogany furniture, Chinese classical furniture has a long history of development, can be called a wonderful history of evolution. The emergence of mahogany furniture, its shape, timber, cultural meaning can be called classical furniture, "master". From the ground to sit high style,[url=]folding team sports chair[/url] from mottled to natural texture, from the literati furniture to elegant luxury ... ... the broad sense of the mahogany furniture has been changing, accept the literati, the court, ordinary people in the form, timber, decorative techniques and other aspects of baptism , Showing the current form of furniture and industry groups. In the inheritance and innovation, the charm of mahogany furniture is also advancing with the times, update the style of different times.</P>
<P>In history, the value of mahogany furniture is often valued in the golden age, and in the economic society is relatively backward society, its value was ignored. Ming Yongle three years, the emperor seven times to send Zheng and the Atlantic, went to Southeast Asia and other tropical and subtropical regions,[url=]sweater drying rack collapsible laundry[/url] these places are the growth of the best nature of the mahogany. At that time the government on the Chinese silk and porcelain in exchange for a large number of precious mahogany. It is said that these hard and heavy wood was originally used to press the cabin, but later people found that the material is hard, excellent performance, they began to produce furniture, handicrafts and other wood.</P>
<P>Since the 80s of last century, "mahogany fever" once again rise to today, mahogany furniture, regardless of old furniture or new furniture, the price has gone through all the way soaring. According to insiders, the old wood collection in the Cultural Revolution reached the lowest point. During this period, the wisdom of the temple's classical furniture exhibition, there is a Ming-style yellow pear covered with Diaodong large bed, this bed was a prince's. The liberation of the early abandoned in the bridge shop door, a drums of the old man, spent five dollars to buy it. He thought is not the artistic value of cultural relics, but this bed is huge, can accommodate the family five sleep.</P>
<P>Qing Dynasty furniture, the extensive development of the country to form a lot of key producing areas. The main producing areas are Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing three, each region produced their own furniture, style, characteristics, "widely", "Su", "Beijing" is also known as the Qing Dynasty furniture three masterpieces. Which in turn the most prominent Cantonese-style furniture, and get the royal appreciation. Widely used material coarse and generous,[url=]haitian cast aluminum outdoor dining set[/url] emphasizing the same wood, mostly made of a kind of wood, decorative pattern carved deep, knife round cooked. Cantonese-style furniture decorative themes and decoration, but also by Western culture and art.</P>
<P>As the founder of Ming-style furniture, after entering the Qing Dynasty, with the changes in social atmosphere, but also began to cumbersome and flashy real change, but the material is unusually thrifty, decorated with small pieces of scrap paste, large Pieces of artifacts are often used in package practice, decorative themes from the ancient celebrity paintings. And Beijing for furniture in general to the Office of the Office of the main building,[url=]bar height table chair sets importer[/url] in the decoration of the unique style, the royal collection of ancient jade, bronze on the material, cleverly decorated in the furniture, the performance of the antique, quiet and elegant artistic image.</P>

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