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composite wood flooring is unreasonable

Posted by: on 4/27/2017 2:11 AM

<p>texture, easy installation and maintenance, corrosion proof, antibacterial and suitable for Electric has become popular in Europe and the United States the main floor of the people and gradually be accepted. Solid wood flooring is divided into multi-layer solid wood floors and three floors of solid wood flooring. Three layer solid wood flooring is made of three layers of wood structure cross laminated, its surface is precious high quality perennial broad-leaved </p>
<p>hardwood, wood with oak, birch, ash, Iroko, wood, teak, jackfruit pahudiaxylocarpa. But because of its incomparable oak texture features and price has become the most popular species. The core layer is composed of common soft miscellaneous specifications, and the tree species are mainly made of pine wood, poplar wood, etc., and the bottom layer is a rotary cutting veneer. Pressed by an adhesive layer three layer plate structure, multi-layer parquet is for a </p>
<p>multi-layered plywood, with hard sheet or plate insert operation specifications of single board laminated panel. The solid wood composite floor surface is high quality and precious wood, not only retains the wood floor wood grain beautiful, natural characteristics, but also greatly saves the quality of precious wood resources. Most of the surface coated with more than five times the quality of uV coating, not only has the ideal hardness, wear resistance, scratch </p>
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