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cultivates the good luck

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 10:08 PM

Lumber is used at furniture, ambry, set panel, partition board, sculpture to wait. The lumber with big diameter, inclined to the disc desktop that cuts very beautiful. Rain cultivates the good luck of development According to forest accuse the Tang Dynasty manager introduction, come 9 this years, pluvial tree gets certain development in our country.

Appear this kind of trend, main profit from the following respects: It is the need of lumber market transition. Since 2015, market of furniture of the high end in home suffers bigger impact, the market is encountered cold, sales volume not beautiful, finished product keep long in stock, a series of problems such as capital difficulty, make furnisher home will run focus by in the market of in a popular style that high-end furniture market gets lost average consumer.

Cause lumber market to also be forced to make strategy adjust from this, the not old capable person that is ignored for a long time plants space of a few profit be thinkinged to enter the line of vision of lumber businessman afresh before. Plant as new material development is increased ceaselessly with what popularize strength, many material with record anonymous before record are planted begin the customer that be mixed by lumber businessman place is hep and accept, this included pluvial tree among them. "[url=]solid composite wood floors[/url],[url=]floating floor over deck[/url],[url=]build bench seating for deck[/url]"

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