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Total segment successfully developed Wuwei Road pavement crack pouring glue

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 7:04 PM

Recently, the total Shanghai Doan Highway road maintenance materials research and development center has successfully developed and produced special source rule pavement crack pouring glue, the Technology Institute of the provincial highway maintenance testing, the technical indicators are in line with quality requirements.[url=]Pavement Repair Equipments - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers[/url]
According to reports, the road pouring glue is a new road materials, heat-sealed with a polymeric material, widely used in highways, urban roads, airports and roads asphalt pavement crack with strong adhesion and high elasticity pouring repair and seams sealed cement concrete pavement;special modified asphalt manufacturing, adhesion, anti-aging ability, can significantly extend the life of the road; extremely resistant to water damage ability, good plasticity, low temperature still has good operability characteristics. In recent years, especially for heavy vehicles road surface under increasing load reflection cracks phenomenon, pouring glue material will play an important role.
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