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belongs to own the most appropriate

Posted by: on 4/7/2017 5:12 AM

<p>maintenance plan.Part1: floor materials classification more clean way should be the difference of the floor in the home cleaning can not generalize, different flooring has belongs to own the most appropriate way of cleaning, cleaning and maintenance when accordingly, also can help better extend the life of the floor, keep for a long time is bright and clean like new.1, the cleaning of real wood floor of real wood </p>
<p>floor is made from wood drying directly, it need pay attention to in the course of everyday use are dry, use wet cloth when cleaning or neutral detergent to wipe, clean to avoid water soaking wet and contacts with buck, suds.2, the cleaning of aggrandizement wood floor of aggrandizement wood floor cleaner than real wood floor is much simple, as long as pay attention to keep the floor dry, avoid rinse immediately </p>
<p>with water in great quantities, at the same time, when clean dirt floor, aggrandizement wood floor of avoid by all means use sanding polishing, this will greatly shorten the life of the floor.3, solid mu fu joins a floor board of the clean solid mu fu joins a floor board due to material nature, its clean and relatively simple, in daily care as long as you avoid dripping mop mop the floor, avoid contact with alkaline water </p>
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