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wood floor industry

Posted by: on 4/7/2017 8:11 PM

Aggrandizement wood floor production need to use wood, one of the few floor enterprise out of the funds for environmental protection; Aggrandizement wood floor production affect employee health, floor enterprise take out money for labor protection of rare.
Nowadays aggrandizement wood floor industry has gradually into a vicious circle, aggrandizement wood floor enterprise of domestic patent most imported from abroad, the floor on the market price drop down again, struggling to cope with floor production enterprises, to ensure reasonable profits into reproduction,
in new product research and development, the difference between enterprise's products is more and more small, only price weapons can play a role in the market competition. Some companies to continue to maintain high profits, desperate, give oneself the home floor quality. " [url=]composite wood building[/url] , [url=]easy install wood plastic fence suppliers[/url] , [url=]raw material wood[/url] , [url=]wood plastic composite asia production[/url] "

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