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wood floor prices

Posted by: on 4/10/2017 5:29 AM

Generally increase the price of real wood floor of real wood floor prices remain bullish in the second half of 2005. Current real wood floor is in addition to inventory products, ex-factory price has a different degree of rise, to rise between 10% and 15%.
Industry analysis, compared with the price of real wood floor, multi-layered solid wood floor board, the market share due to the price will increase in the number of stable, aggrandizement wood floor is to price advantage to become mainstream ground material, prices will remain relatively stable.
Has a business area of nearly 300 meters, all distribution European leader brand floor, brought together hundreds of designs and varieties and solid wood, composite and cork district of distinct "Europe high quality floor exhibits center", in the temple of Beijing blue LAN home resides square open their doors.
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