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suitable for those

Posted by: on 4/11/2017 6:25 PM

Temple of consumer alert - blue Yin Bo consumers buy building materials, general manager of LAN home household square, or go to building materials supermarket, stall or go to the market. Difference between the two is that supermarket is given priority to with consumers self of choose and buy, it is more suitable for those easy to implement standardized products, but a high grade product display effect is relatively poor, cannot satisfy diversified and personalized demand.
However, the supermarket also has many place worthy of learning. So, if consumers need personalized, tailor-made products, should be to stall in the market, and choose standardized product, can go to the building materials supermarket.
Blue LAN home resides square on April 2 solstice May 7 launch "to blue scene, choose household, lottery -- an eye" big promotion ', during the activity, everyone in the city, shopping consumption full 500 yuan of above customers, all can get a raffle, and can participate weekly lucky draw, draw on the same day that is against the namely, awards a maximum amount of 3000 yuan in cash (before tax).
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