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insulation in good condition

Posted by: on 4/9/2017 9:19 PM

<p>cross-sectional area is too small to cause the power that grasp a hammer insufficient, iron nails is too small in diameter, the length is too short, keel pavement smoothness is not in conformity with the requirements, installation is firm degree is insufficient;5, wood tenon due to climate change and groove wood floor is wet bilge drying shrinkage, away from the mortise and doesn't work, when tight when wet </p>
<p>bilge rubbing against each other;June, excessive and dry climate to make wooden floor and keel holding nail force is abate, loose connection between wood tenon chamfer, excessive moisture to make wooden floor transverse expansion, expansion of mild extruding bulging, to loosen the keel fixed, also make the power that grasp a hammer;7, installation process is not standard.Preventive measures: 1, the </p>
<p>roughness of construction to check before concrete base, and renovation to meet the requirements may continue to construction;2, construction check concrete base moisture content or moisture before the good degree of isolation layer;3, check the section size of the keel and the moisture content;4, keel when the shop is in contact with the concrete base area, the greater the installation of the firm, the part </p>
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