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Ember Lit Crossbar Pot Adapters

We can backorder this item for you, but it is presently out of stock!


Ember Lit Crossbar Pot Adapters

A set of Crossbar Adapters are included with each new stove. If you’ve misplaced the ones that came with your stove or just want extras this is where to get them. Recommended for use with cooking vessels 3.5 in/9 cm or less in diameter. Compatible with both the EmberLit and EmberLit-UL. Not compatible with the EmberLit Mini. Made in the USA.



  • Details

    These crossbars, available in stainless steel, and, for you gram weenies, titanium (.2oz/5.7g) , allow you to use even the smallest of cooking vessels on the EmberLit Stove. Simply snap them into the top of your EmberLit. They also increase the overall structural rigidity of the EmberLit. Pots with a base diameter equal to or less than 3.5in/9cm will require the adapters to sit securely on the EmberLit and EmberLit-UL.

  • Features
    Use for cooking vessels 3.5" or less in Diameter  
    Ultra Light weight
    Made in the USA
  • Specifications
    Item # EmberlitCrossbar
    Material: Titanium
    Weight:  .6 oz (5.7 g) 
    Manufactuer:  Merkwares
    Warranty:  Lifetime
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