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Add this item to your cart and upload the required documents for a Pro Account


  • Details
    After you submit the required documents your account will be reviewed for applicability as a Professional Account.  Professional accounts are reserved for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders requiring access to higher quality tools which are restricted under state and federal law.  
  • Credentials
    You must submit one or more of the following credentials, 1) A Photocopy or Picture of your Governmental ID Card within a qualifying agency or unit, 2) A signed letterhead from your unit commander or supervisor and a photocopy or picture of your organization or State ID, 3) A Photocopy or Picture of your State ID card and this signed affidavit.
  • Specifications:  If Submitting a Governmental ID Card Credential or Photo a Black & White only picture is sufficient.  If submitting a letterhead and/or affidavit, you must submit the original ink signed credential(s).  We will not return them.  Use the following form if submitting an affidavit: Affidavit
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