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Extractor Pump Kit

This is a packable snake bite kit that can be used on most types of poisonous or venomous bites.



  • Features
    One Handed Pump
    Four Sizes of Extractor Cups
    Razor Blade for Hair Removal
    Alcohol Prep Pads
    Adhesive Bandages
    User Manual
    Protective Hish Visibility Plastic Carry Case
  • Specifications
    Item # B6B
    Overall Length: 4.75"
    Overall Width: 1.25"
    Overall Height: 3.25"
    Weight: 4.0 OZ
  • Details
    Removes poisons from snake bites, bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites & more. The pump vacuum was specifically designed to provide the most powerful suction available for the safe extraction of venoms and poisons, eliminating the need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits. Because it's a pump and not a syringe, it's also easy to use with one hand.
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