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Point One Squeeze Water Filter Kit

This is a packable water filter kit with 3 bladders.



  • Details
    The Sawyer Squeeze Filter is the lightest and most versatile filtration system on the market. With a total field weight of 3 ounces and ability to roll up, it takes up virtually no space in your pack. This product come in two options 1) with 3 pouches- 64oz, 32oz and 16oz and 2) with only one 32oz pouch (NEW). Simply fill up the pouch of your choice at a lake, stream or river, screw the filter directly onto the pouch and 1) Squeeze the bag and filter water into your water bottle or container of choice,   2) Drink directly from the filter which has a built in push pull cap for on/off functions,  3) Attach the filter onto most threaded water bottles including 2 liter bottles. Kit includes: Lightweight Durable Collapsible Pouches(reusable), Sawyer 0.10 Absolute Micron Hollow Fiber Membrane Screw On/Off Water Filter, Replaceable Pop Up Drinking Spout, Cleaning Syringe. Life Expectancy: 1 Million Gallons Guaranteed.
  • Features
    Reuseable Backwashable Filter (never needs replacement)
    Filters Bacterias or larger to 99.99999 and Viruses to 99.999
    Includes 3 sizes of bladder (64oz, 32oz, 16oz)
    Adapts to other bladder system (with adapter kit)
    1 Million Gallon Guarantee
  • Specifications
    Item # SP131
    Overall Length: 4.00"
    Overall Width: 4.00"
    Overall Height: 9.50"
    Weight:  0.60lbs
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