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BG Ult Pro Fixed Blade

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Survival Knife


  • Details
    Ask Bear Grylls or anyone who has survived a serious scrape in the outdoors and they will say your brain is your most important survival tool. Your attitude, instincts and knowledge of the back-country are what will keep you alive when everything else fails. But to put those instincts to work building a shelter, starting a fire or finding food, that brain needs a sharp, dependable knife.

    The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade combines Gerber’s decades of knife making experience with Bear Grylls’ survival skills to create a survival knife that’s everything you need and nothing more. It leaves clever to the other gear in your backpack because clever usually means fancy features and moving parts that can bend, break, jam or get lost when you need them most.

    Dependable Blade The 4.8-inch fine edge, drop-point blade can go straight from hacking firewood to delicately filleting a trout. Its premium grade stainless steel construction means you’ll never see rust or corrosion as you pull it from its sheath. The blade will also keep its edge longer between sharpening. With an updated full tang construction, you can be sure this is a tool that won’t fail you even after hard use.

    Trusty Grip At 13.7 ounces in weight and 10 inches in total length, this knife feels solid and balanced in the hand. A large, textured, rubberized handle gives you a solid grip in any condition and an oversized bolster where the handle meets the blade keeps your hand from slipping toward the blade as you lean into your cut.

    Efficient Multi-tasker Along with flawlessly performing all the essential duties of a knife, like slicing, chopping and filleting, this knife is packed with survival features. The stainless steel pommel at the base of the handle can serve as a hammer. With two holes in the handle, the knife can be lashed to a stick to create a spear. And the lanyard cord with emergency whistle helps you keep track of the knife and provides a loud emergency signal should potential rescuers be within earshot.

    Durable Sheath Just like the knife it protects, the sheath on the Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade reveals a few useful surprises in its military-grade, mildew-resistant package. A built-in fire starter rod sits snug in a watertight holder. Pair that with the cutout notch on the blade’s top edge and the ferrocerium rod produces a shower of fire-igniting sparks. A pull-through carbide sharpener is integrated into the sheath, so you can make sure your blade stays sharp. And, for refreshing your outdoor knowledge before things get dicey, a waterproof version of Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide is stashed into the protective pocket on the back.
  • Features
    4.8-inch fine edge, drop-point blade for smooth, versatile cuts
    Full-tang, premium stainless steel construction for durability
    Ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip for comfortable, precise handling
    Lashing holes in handle
    Military-grade, mildew-resistant nylon sheath
    Pull-through carbide sharpener in sheath, for guaranteed sharpness
    Built-in fire starter rod in watertight holder
    Lanyard with loud emergency whistle
    Bear Grylls “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide
    Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Specifications
    Item # 31-001901
    Overall Length: 10“ (25.4cm)
    Blade Length: 4.8“ (12.2cm)
    Weight: 13.7 oz. (388.4g) with Sheath
    Steel Type: 9Cr19MoV
    Handle Material: TPE Overmold

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