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Individual Deployment Kit MC

We can backorder this item for you, but it is presently out of stock!


Individual Deployment (ID) Kit

This kit is handy for out on the range and practice ops.  It's indespesible downrange on actual ops.
Available in ACU, Coyote, and Multicam.  Add to cart to choose.



  • Details
    The Individual Deployment Kit gives the Soldier the ability to: maintain their weapon; see what they are doing in low light conditions; tackle almost any task requiring a tool; and cut out of any emergency situation. This kit puts the individual equipment close at hand to get the job done in a lightweight, easy to carry nylon sheath.   * Multi Plier May Be Substituted For Multi-Plier 600 DET (EOD Specific) for $40 upcharge: Go Here.
  • Features
    Safety Strap Cutter
    Recon-M II
    Berry Compliant Sheath
    MOLLE Compatible Tactical Nylon Sheath
    Made in the U.S.A.
  • Specifications
    Item # 30-000367
    NSN #  5180-01-598-2251
    Total Kit Weight 24.04 oz.
    Sheath 5 oz.
    eFECT 5 oz.
    MP600 8.16 oz.
    Recon-M II 3.46 oz.
    Strap Cutter 2.21 oz.
    Open Length: 7.35"
    Closed Length: 4.45"
    Weight: 6.70 OZ
    Handle G-10
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